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Departure Lounge: All Right for Night Flights!

For whatever the reason, it seems common to get stuck with a night flight home from Bali – especially for those Australia-bound. So, while pitiful and inexperienced travellers may check out and then hang around the lobby until nightfall, head to the beach with suitcases in hand, or pay full price for a half-day in a hotel, guests at The Breezes need not suffer any such indignities. The in-house Departure Lounge opened shop earlier this year and has been making life easier and cheaper for our dear guests, ever since. Replete with a large television, lengthy and spotless shower rooms, free snacks, coffee, tea, books, and board games – as well as lockers for your valuables – many guests are won over to spending their last day in Bali in the comfort of The Departure Lounge, reliving the many thrills of their holiday. We sincerely appreciate the amount of positive feedback received over Trip Advisor, and thank our guests for the reward – of their smiling faces (and word-of-mouth marketing)!

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