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3 Gold Medals for Three Good Reasons

The Breezes Bali eats, prays, and loves, sustainably. Never has a winner come away with as many gold medals in a single night as The Breezes did on December 7th, 2012. Tri Hita Karana (THK) is a code of conduct awarding Bali’s hotels for achievements in three categories: harmony with nature, community, and religion. Fulfilling its social responsibilities, The Breezes is an official sponsor of orphanage Yayasan Kasih Peduli Anak (YKPA), donates blood, annually, and more. Earning a gold in the 4 Star Hotel Category, representatives were also honored with multiple gold medals accumulated under Tri Hita Karana’s Food Festival Melapa Melapi. Gold was awarded for Best Taste, Best Service, Best Presentation, and for Best of The Best. The THK awards have been gaining esteem since Balinese Wisnu Wardana initiated the program twelve years ago, and there is talk of it becoming compulsory for Bali’s hotels to follow his lauded, green criteria. What makes Wardana’s effort accessible is its basis in Balinese Hinduism. This year saw 89 hotels participating, competing within rigid parameters and inviting rigorous, routine inspections.

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